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Why do I correct papers with a pencil!

The purpose of any assessment should be to increase student learning and build their confidence in that subject.  Why do I correct papers with a pencil!  I have been asked this question a number of times by students and parents. … Continue reading

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Dear Parent, let your child fail!

While wishing for failure may go against our parental instincts, it’s healthy — and necessary. Failing helps our children learn important life lessons about how to adapt, work hard and persevere; they’ll develop coping mechanisms, and qualities such as responsibility … Continue reading

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Staying Alive Vs Feeling Alive

Staying Alive – We have a lot to do each day. What all we do depends on the various roles that we play – parent, professional, friend, spouse. The social norms of how these roles are to be fulfilled, traps … Continue reading

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My calling

My Calling ………. What is it that makes you happy? The first obstacle that we face in answering this question is to figure out what it is that truly makes us happy. If you didn’t have to worry about the … Continue reading

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