Staying Alive Vs Feeling Alive

Staying Alive – We have a lot to do each day. What all we do depends on the various roles that we play – parent, professional, friend, spouse. The social norms of how these roles are to be fulfilled, traps us. The fear of failure in any of these roles, paralyses us. We spend all our waking hours in trying to succeed in these. This is called Staying Alive!

Feeling Alive – to be so consumed in the passionate bliss of the moment that you don’t think about the past or the future. You just enjoy what you’ re doing and love every piece of it. A moment ……. When looked back months or years later, automatically puts a smile on your face!

We need to have more of these moments in our lives.

In our effort to juggle the various roles in our lives, we learn to exist in life. But we forget how to live it. We need to have fun. Having fun doesn’t mean you don’t take life seriously. It just means that you enjoy whatever it is that you are doing ………. Having fun with your kid, having fun at work.

We all have different interests that we want to pursue, and also have various responsibilities that may restrict our ability to achieve them. But we can always try and make one small change, or try at least one small risk.

The point is to do something to feel passionate, excited, and exhilarated. To accept challenges and move out of the comfort zone. To feel alive doesn’t mean complicating your life, it just means to do things you want to do and enjoying the process.

Occupy some part of the day with things that put a smile on your face.


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1 Response to Staying Alive Vs Feeling Alive

  1. Natasha Baig says:

    Okkkkk… Now u got all of us thinking!
    I perfectly agree with your thoughts. Most of us spent a large part of our life staying alive n in our 30’s have realised the meaning of feeling alive.
    Looking forward to creating more of these moments.

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