My calling

My Calling ……….
What is it that makes you happy? The first obstacle that we face in answering this question is to figure out what it is that truly makes us happy. If you didn’t have to worry about the constraint of time, the pressures of everyday life …… What is it that you would do?

The minute you answer that question …. You have found your calling.

My WORK is my calling ……

Being a teacher is my true calling. Over the years I have worked as a teacher and have considered myself lucky to have been able to turn a passion into a profession. But that’s all that I considered it to be …… A passion to teach! It’s only now that I realised that all of us have a function to perform ….. Mine is to teach. This is my purpose in life.
Today even after 13 years of being in this profession, every time I take a class it feels as if I am doing it for the first time. I am just as excited as I was all those years ago. It’s exhilarating to see a student succeed and to see the joy of achievement. The moment that I cherish is to see the look of accomplishment when a student has arrived at the solution all by himself. Knowing that I have helped someone achieve their goal, gives me the motivation to work even harder.
Everyday as a teacher I learn something new ….. I learn about people and their behavior.
My interaction with my students has taught me number of valuable lessons ….. Not just about teaching but also about life. I think the biggest mistake teachers make is when they teach the way they were taught. When they think of a student as inferior, less intelligent and less knowing. Over the years what has struck me as the most important aspect of being a teacher …. Is the ability to listen. To pay attention to what the student is saying. It has helped me improve my way of teaching and has made me value a students opinion.
For me being a teacher is all about an emotional connect ….. I have very often been told that isn’t the way one runs a business. But how can I effectively teach without motivating the student to learn. My student will be passionate about learning if he sees me passionate about teaching.
My calling is what I do ten hours a day …. Can’t think of a better way of leading life!


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4 Responses to My calling

  1. Digs says:

    Well said. If u love what you do, u don’t work a day in your life.

  2. Natasha Baig says:

    Hey Sonya. Was great reading ur blog. So proud of u n ur achievements, if I haven’t told u this before. U r truly blessed as u have realised ur calling n pursuing it. Can’t imagine the thrill n happiness u experience at work. I consider u lucky n I envy u.
    Wishing u all the very best, always.

  3. jignesh mehta says:

    hello sonya, if you can please share your contact details as want to register my son nishant for sat classes

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